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Google Apps Script has always been a tool in the shadow. Many developers don’t know about this tiny JavaScript-based powerful scripting language. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a very simple Secret Santa mix-match using Google Sheets.

All reference links, code, random generators are listed at the bottom of the article.

The Problem

You have a huge list with people’s names/emails/whatever, and now you want to shuffle them and then assign their respective partners randomly.

This can be a really time-consuming task, but instead of doing this manually, I’ll show you how…

This article is a work in progress. I still need to add much more content. Don’t mind the mistakes if you see any

About three and a half years ago when I was in my first year of engineering all I would do was to keep designing perfect layouts. I cannot stress how much that changed my designing/developing skills. Now I feel like I am a developer who understands a designer’s feelings ( at least for to some extent ;) ).

I now tell to people who want to get into frontend the first step would be to learn basic and then get into converting designs to code. Later getting into perfecting it, making it responsive and it goes on.

I would like…

This happens often, if you are developing some documentaion generator or code highlighter make sure to do this.

Whenever you try to copy code that looks like this

Certhive current landing page

I am a freelance web developer and tech enthusiast. From past 3 years, I’ve been developing a variety of products for various clients. My most recent project is devshopping.com last stop shop for developers like you and me. I participate in various Hackathons and have won many among them, the thrill of creating products just in a day never ceases to amaze me, I also conduct various workshops to impart my tech knowledge to curious people.

Last month I conducted a workshop at a local Engineering college. Around 110 participants attended and I had to give away the certificate of…

Appscirpt allows you to interact & integrate with all these Google products.

Appscript is this small scripting language that allows you to develop apps/integrations/addons/extensions for Google suite. Common applications could be storing a form data into Google sheets directly, automating emails etc all this is done purely using Javascript.

Appscript is built on Apps script api

Considering you are familiar with Appscript in this article we will go through the cli tool “Clasp” released by Google which allows developers to code offline a new project or clone a project rather than using their online script editor. This gives the feasibility to develop bigger codebases in your favourite tools & editors.

Make sure…

It all started with my first hackathon at Vishweshwarayya insitute of technology . I was skeptical about my participation at my first hackathon but not to brag, me and my team bagged 2nd place ;P. Then came along five more hackathons with 2nd,3rd,4th places and so.

On 5th of August 2017 Sandbox startups conducted a Smart city hackathon, in which me and my two other dearest friends took part and the fun begins. Went through the intro for the hackathon discussing on all the provided problem statements . After a while we decided to work on smart e-ticketing solution although…

At the end of this article we will learn how to

  1. Inject custom Javascript functions into another page’s context.
  2. Interact with forms to automate things.
  3. Capture screenshots of particular elements from the page
  4. Using keyboard/mouse events to type/click selected elements.
  5. Capture screenshots
  6. Selecting elements from the DOM.
  7. Accessing cookies


Headless browsers are really making some good contribution in browser automations and testing areas. Most of which are used for unit/end to end testing, while few are just perfect for browser automation. Invisible browsers or technically known as headless browsers are those which have all the functionality/features of a normal browser…

Tinkering brain of mine always keeps me busy with something. There was an announcement in march of 2016 at a local engineering college (pretty famous one) about the IET India Present Around The World (PATW). There were some set of screening rounds and one was in the city Hubli. The topics were open and obviously constrained around technology itself. I thought of giving a talk on Browser security. I believe in practical experience rather than just talks so I took the talk one step futher than other participants and planned on demonstrating one of most popular hack — Phishing.


Today I had to visit an elderly person, my father’s dearest friend. an ex-CBI officer and has worked in many great situations and positions, in the team of Rajeev gandhi protection squad, The Chief minister protection to name few. He is an extremely hyper-active person I have ever seen, considering his age maybe I am lazy af when compared to him.

A chain-smoker for many years and that resulted into something serious and I have know idea how many days more he might stay alive because he is suffering from throat cancer, not able to speak, heavy cough and its…

About a month ago me and my co-founders started an intra-city delivery service called Fastpack. It is not a fixed domain delivery service. Instead we wanted to focus on the common use cases. Here where we stay & launched our service, people mostly use local buses/Auto rickshaws/personal vehicle for their short distance travels. The minimum charges if you opt for a bus drive is around 5 rs/- for every 4km. The waiting time is long and comfort is an issue in this case. On the other hand, auto rickshaw provide a faster and more comfortable ride at the minimum cost…

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