Clasp the Clasp : Part 1 : Google AppsScript CLI

Appscirpt allows you to interact & integrate with all these Google products.

Appscript is this small scripting language that allows you to develop apps/integrations/addons/extensions for Google suite. Common applications could be storing a form data into Google sheets directly, automating emails etc all this is done purely using Javascript.

Appscript is built on Apps script api

Considering you are familiar with Appscript in this article we will go through the cli tool “Clasp” released by Google which allows developers to code offline a new project or clone a project rather than using their online script editor. This gives the feasibility to develop bigger codebases in your favourite tools & editors.

Make sure you have node version ≥ 4.7.4 . If needed you can install it from here

Now install Clasp cli using npm

Before you start using Clasp you will have to login, as you would while using firebase cli

After this you will be asked to login with a link provided on the terminal. The access token and such user specific details is kept in ~/.clasprc.json.

To initialize a project

This initializes you project and creates two files in the current directory “appsscript.json” & “.clasp.json” and a new script file in your account, you can check it out at with the filename as SCRIPT_NAME_HERE.

or you can clone a project using

To find your script id GOTO the script editor > File > Project preferences > Info >> Look of script Id here.

Project structure on

local cloned project structure:

after create or clone a local configuration file .clasp.json is created.
this can be customised

Now lets walkthrough the basic cli commands in clasp.

To logout

To pull a project

To push files to project

To open the current project in

Listing all deployment ids

Deploy current project

by providing version number you can manage your deployment versions as off git. Currently clasp doesnt provide any kind of git level version management although git can be used inside the project and to ignore like in git clasp has a .claspignore file.

Redeploying the same version

Create a new version with some description

To list all versions of projects

Appscript Github repo :
Appscript api :

In the next part , we shall build a sheets to slides script that converts sheets rows into Google slide’s slide using clasp.

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